Grand Canyon Skywalk

When I was researching about my road trip to the West Coast of USA in 2014, I found the Grand Canyon Skywalk quite interesting and thought we should at least try it when we were there!

We booked an overnight stay with Hualapai Ranch together with the Grand Canyon Skywalk –

We took a shuttle bus which dropped us off at “Eagle Point”, and made our way to queue for the Skywalk. They did not allow us to bring any personal belongings onto the Skywalk. So we had to pay US$80 to the ‘official photographer’ attached to us who gave us all our photos and a few souvenir shots in an USB drive.


Panoramic View of Grand Canyon, 21 April 2014.


On the Grand Canyon Skywalk. For those who have acrophobia, you may want to skip this since you can see through the glass while you’re on the bridge.


See that down there?!!?


One of the souvenir shots included in the USB.

We checked into our lodge at the Hualapai Ranch, which looked like a little cowboy town. There were meal vouchers included in this package, hence, we needed to go do the “Dance Hall” to eat our dinner.


We’re staying in Room No.1 at Hualapai Ranch. (21 April 2014)


Pretty & Sturdy Horses/Ponies staying at Hualapai Ranch.


Dinner Menu at the “Dance Hall” – either BBQ Pork Ribs or Baked Chicken. (21 April 2014)

A word of caution – there’s no TV inside the lodge. Hence, you may want to find something to do – read a book, get ready your mobile phone/iPad or just hit the bed early!


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