Lavender’s Blue

“Lavender’s blue, dilly, dilly, lavender’s green

When I am king, dilly, dilly, You shall be queen”

This was one of many songs I’ve learnt in music lessons during my school days.  “Lavender’s Blue” is an English folk song and nursery rhyme and has been recently used in Disney’s movie “Cinderella” (2015).

I was naive enough to believe what the lyrics said about lavenders being blue and green since young. Well, I finally got to see real lavender flowers when I visited Hokkaido in July 2006 and was awed by a sea of purple! (So, what happened to blue and green lavender flowers?)

Although its summer, the weather in Hokkaido was rather pleasing, as gentle breezes greeted us under the clear, sunny skies.


Sea of Purple, Hokkaido, Japan (9 July 2006)

Farm Tomita ( has been cultivating lavender for essence use since 1958. The best time to visit Farm Tomita for lavender viewing is between early to mid July.


Farm Tomita, Furano, Hokkaido



Other than Lavender, there were some other flowers in bloom, while some were giving way to new life in Autumn.


Colours abound in Farm Tomita


Every corner looks scenic at Farm Tomita

Don’t forget to grab the Lavender soft-serve ice-cream which is rich in flavour and great to beat the heat!


Hey! I’m not greedy ok? I’m just holding my friend’s lavender soft-serve while she takes a picture for me 😛

The souvenir shop has everything in lavender scents – essence oils, soaps, perfumes, pillows, dolls… It’s your last chance to ‘soak in’ everything lavender before moving on to your next destination.






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