Starlight Express


Fancy a ride on the starlight express?

Hop onto this magical ride at the “Jimmy Square” in Yilan, Taiwan.

“Jimmy Square” is just outside the Yilan Train Station, and is filled with scenes and characters created by Jimmy Liao (几米), a Taiwanese illustrator who has published many lovely books and some were even made into movies! (

You need to walk around the “Square” to find all the ‘iconic characters’ Jimmy has created. Here are a few which I’ve found:

SAMSUNG CSCSmiling Fish (微笑的魚)


The Starry Starry Night (星空) – This was made into a movie and my favourite rock band Mayday performed the title track!


Turn Left, Turn Right (向左走,向右走) – This was one of his earlier works and was also made into a movie starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung.

I enjoyed reading Jimmy’s illustrations books because I could relate to some of the characters he had created. The language he used was also quite beautiful. I’m not a perfect translator, but this is an example from one of my favourite books “Paradise Lost (失乐园1:寂寞上场了):


“When Donkey-headed girl couldn’t stand to see the cruelties of the world , she learnt to gently close her eyes and imagine what a better one looks like. Her imagination was so perfect and vivid that she never wishes to open her eyes again. If you ever felt discouraged like Donkey-headed girl, learn to gently shut and your eyes. And imagine.”


So where shall we head to next? Turn left? Or Turn Right?


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