True Love

True love comes in many forms. As for me, I found mine last year in Bangkok! I fell in love instantly with the huskies residing in True Love Cafe.

True Love Cafe ( houses 17 full-grown Siberian huskies, and customers get to interact with them at specific timings. The admission ticket of 350 Baht includes a cake and drink at the cafe before the customer is allowed to play with the huskies at the designated timings.


Cake and Drink before playing with the huskies at True Love Cafe.

Some of the huskies are very friendly, while there are a few who are more shy. Overall, the huskies are very well-behaved. As huskies have thick coat of fur and originates from countries with colder climate, the owners of the cafe have to turn on huge fans and feed them with lots of ice to cool them down.


Husky eating ice cubes to beat the heat.


This is one of the smaller huskies in True Love Cafe. 


Giving the huskies treats during their play time.


They’re not fighting, just playing among themselves.


Well-behaved husky came to sit beside me.

The highlight of the day was seeing the huskies run back to their ‘homes’ after play time. You have to be quick to capture it on video as it took all the huskies under 7 seconds to run back to their doghouse.

The staff at the cafe will help you to call for a tuk-tuk to ferry you to the nearest BTS station – Ari Station, at 40 baht (2 persons), after the interaction session is over.

You may want to look at the merchandise while waiting for your tuk-tuk to arrive.


Bring me home!

Have you found your True Love?




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