Safari Adventure at Kruger National Park

24th December 2011 was a wet Christmas eve at Kruger National Park and we were so worried that all the animals would go into hiding because of the lousy weather.

To our surprise, other than Lion King who may be invited to attend a Christmas Party, we saw the Big 4 of South Africa.


The Big 5 in Safari are the Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard and Lion. Too bad we didn’t spot any lions at Kruger National Park on Christmas Eve. (24 December 2011)

We shared the jeep with this couple from France, and we spotted quite a number of other animals when we were driving around Kruger National Park. The rangers were all armed with guns and walkie-talkies so that they could inform each other of any interesting sightings.

The ranger taught us an interesting way to remember impalas. They have 2 black stripes at their backsides, which looked like the arch of McDonald’s.


Impalas – easily recognisable with the black “M” at their backsides – are literally everywhere in Kruger National Park.


Spotted a Hyena too. He looks more emo and not in the mood to laugh.


Looks like a Savannah Cat. But I’m not really sure what it is… even the ranger doesn’t know.

The ranger told us that when male elephants reached the age where they wanted to mate, they would emit a very strange smell. This smell is appealing to female elephants, but definitely not for other species, including human beings.

We happened to bump into a male elephant who has ‘elephant odour’ and was walking aimlessly along the main road. He was a bit hot-tempered and even tried to charge at the jeeps near him. I’ve always thought elephants are gentle giants, but this lovesick elephant made me think otherwise.


The male elephant who was looking for love had a lousy temper! I hope you can’t find your Miss Right! 😛

He was still trying to run after our jeep even though we sped past him. Luckily he didn’t catch up with us. Phew!

Everytime when I see animals roaming about freely, I would think of the song “Born Free”.


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