Ekiben Galore

I need a bento (lunch box).

I am at an eki (train station).



So this is how Japanese create words! (idea borrowed from PPAP song which was the rage a couple of weeks back).

Ekiben is simply lunch boxes sold at train stations in Japan when you need to fill your stomach on long-distance travel.

There are special ekibens for specific regions too! Prices range from 700Yen to 2000 Yen, depending on what are the contents.


Unagi Ekiben (1,300 Yen), a Hiroshima specialty, Hiroshima Station (30 April 2016)


Fresh Seafood Ekiben from Hokkaido at 840Yen (8 July 2006)


All the Ekibens I’ve tried from 26 April to 8 May 2016 in Japan travelling from Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka – Hiroshima.

Do not be alarmed if your Ekiben is cold… or only slightly warm. They still tasted yummy! Just don’t listen to PPAP when you’re eating.





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