Street Art in Penang


One of my favourite pieces of street art in Penang, Georgetown (27 December 2015)

One of my favourite destinations in Malaysia is Penang, as it’s not only filled with good food, but many interesting street art paintings.

Lithuanian Artist, Ernest Zacharevic (, created a couple of wall paintings and the one attracting long queues is “Kids on Bicycle”. Taking a picture is quite an arduous task as its at a junction where cars keep turning in…


Kids on a Bicycle by Ernest Zacharevic, Georgetown, Penang (25 December 2015)

Russian artist, Julia Volchkova, ( also did some wall paintings in Penang. The Child Mural at Prangin Canal is a very captivating piece. Just look at the boy’s expression! I had goosebumps just by looking at it!


Child Mural at Prangin Canal by Julia Volchkova, Georgetown, Penang (27 December 2015)

Here are some compilations which I’ve shared on my Instagram account:


Collage of Street Art Part 1 in Georgetown, Penang (24 to 27 December 2015)


Collage of Street Art Part 2 in Georgetown, Penang (24 to 27 December 2015)

Tourism Penang published a street art brochure on their website where you can find these paintings and some interesting installations easily. Download a copy here for your street art hunting in Penang!

Sadly, some of the wall paintings have already faded, but some of them are not even on the walls! Open your eyes as you walk around Georgetown, as street art also comes in the following forms:


Found Marge Simpson by the roads, Georgetown, Penang (26 December 2015)


Cute Shopfront, Georgetown, Penang (24 December 2015)



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