LEGO (Let’s Go) Denmark!

I love collecting LEGO Minifigures, and its one of my favourite toys when I was young!

My first LEGOLAND experience was in Billund, Denmark in 2007! Although LEGOLAND is not like Disneyland (which is the Happiest Place on Earth), I was immediately in love with it, being the Ingenious Place on Earth!


A rainy day at LEGOLAND, Billund, Denmark (11 July 2007)

The slight drizzle did not dampen our moods at LEGOLAND. Our first stop was to the Observation Deck so that we could see how big theĀ place was and strategise how we were going to enjoy ourselves in this huge park!

We searched for treasures at the Atlantis first, and spotted some sharks and other marine life during our expedition. Then we swam back to land, and got onto the “X-treme Racers” for a fast-speed roller coaster ride in Adventure Land!

As the waiting time for the 4D Movie “Spellbreaker” was 50mins, we decided to skip it and headed to Pirate Land where we sailed inside Captain Roger’s secret caves where treasures were hidden!

The most interesting part for me was the “Power Builder” where you enter your height into the machine first. Then, you decide how you want the machine to turn (according to level of difficulty), then select “types of moves”. When you get onto the ride, you would become the ‘lego brick’ being tossed and turned around based on what you keyed into the machine earlier! I didn’t manage to get a video at that time, but I found this clip on Youtube is a good description of the ride!

It’s time now to go around the world in Miniland! You can literally see all the world famous sites in one round!


Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen (Denmark) in Miniland, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Windmills in Holland, Miniland, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Holland Village, Miniland, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Wat Pra Kaew in Bangkok, Miniland, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Nyhavn – a lovely waterfront district in Copenhagen (Denmark), Miniland, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Singapore Airlines landed in Miniland too! LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Only in Miniland where Statue of Liberty stands right beside the Taj Mahal, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)

The surroundings of the amusement park were decorated with cute scenes as well.


Firemen rescuing a cat from the tree, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Vikings and Dragons, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)


Soccer Match in a Stadium, LEGOLAND, Billund (11 July 2007)

I’m sure LEGOLAND Billund must have included new rides to the park since it was 9 years ago that I visited. There’s a LEGOLAND in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which opened in 2012 but I’ve yet to visit. Perhaps when the park is more complete, I will go take a look since it’s just across the causeway.



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