Mega Mall Batam Center

Visited Batam from 8th-9th December 2016 and as usual, we like to visit Mega Mall Batam Center because we can easily kill our time there.

Firstly, there’s A&W on the ground floor! If you miss the waffles with ice-cream, as well as the root beer float, look no further!


Root Beer Float and Waffles Galore at A&W Mega Mall Batam Center, Batam, Indonesia (8 December 2016)

There’s a cinema on the top floor where you can catch movies too! There are lots of eateries and for ladies, you can get cheap Wacoal bras from the shop outside, or you can try to see if there’s better promotions inside¬†Matahari Department Store. I bought 2 Sorella Sports Bras for just SGD$20.

Our favourite activity is grocery shopping at Hypermart Batam Centre. We bought a lot of sanitary napkins (since we are a female-dominated family) since it’s really cheap (imagine 12x 30cm Laurier Pads cost only SGD2). We also got some tidbits to bring back to the hotel to snack on if we are bored at night.

There are a lot of eateries at this mall too. We settled for our dinner at Baresto Cafe where we had a filling and cheap dinner.


Sambal Kang Kong, Deep Fried Grouper with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Spinach with 3 types of Eggs, and Chicken Satay at Baresto Cafe, Mega Mall Batam Centre, Batam, Indonesia (8 December 2016)


For Desserts, we had the Mint Chocolate Shake from Baskin Robbins!! Mega Mall Batam Center, Batam, Indonesia (8 December 2016)

From the mall, we took a cab ride back to Batam View Resort which cost us 150,000 Rupiah. It’s quite a distance, and most of us fell asleep on the ride back to the resort since we woke up rather early to catch the 8am ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Batam.


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