Star Wars Miniland

2016 hasn’t come to an end but we’ve already lost quite a number of popular and talented artists with Carrie Fisher (the ‘legendary’ Princess Leia) being the most recent addition. As what Chirrut Imwe (played by Donnie Yen) in Rogue One : A Star Wars Story kept chanting in the movie”I’m one with The Force, and the Force is with me.” – I’m sure the Force is with Carrie Fisher always!

This is a “small” post dedicated to Princess Leia on a sad day where I will blog¬†about “Star Wars Miniland” in Legoland Malaysia, which I’ve recently visited.


Please note that this is not a ride! This is an indoor exhibition of Lego constructions of scenes and models from 6 Star War Movies, as well as the Animated Series “Star Wars : The Clone Wars”.

Before you walk through the exhibits, please make sure you watch the mini film (which is quite hilarious). Some people were quite impatient and just walked past the movie and headed straight into the exhibition area. I find it quite rude as they were not giving the respect to the people for putting in effort to make the film. They were also inconsiderate to those who were watching the film by making their way past and blocking the view while causing distractions.

Anyways, we were glad they ‘rushed’ through the exhibition, as it gave us time to appreciate the effort people took to build these models and scenes, and played with the animated exhibits!

Press the button when they turn green to look at Millennium Falcon take off into the air, or the battle at Christophsis. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will take your time to walk through the exhibits as you relive all the past episodes… and I must say some of the animation and lighting effects were quite cool!





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