Afternoon Tea with a View

Burj Al Arab has always been in the limelight for being the world’s “only seven-star hotel”. One night stay at the Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite costs about SGD4,000.

I’ve always admired the architecture of Burj Al Arab – a sail-like structure on an artificial island. The interiors must be impressive as well! However, you cannot gain entry into the hotel unless you are a guest.

In order to find out more about this “only seven-star hotel in the world”, we decided to book the Afternoon Tea at the Skyview Bar on the 27th Floor of the Burj Al Arab to see how amazing it feels to be in a luxury hotel.

We booked ourselves for the 1pm seating, and the service staff gave us very good seats with a great view. We could see the construction of The Palm Islands from the 27th Floor of the Burj Al Arab.



Our ‘window’ seat offers great view while enjoying our afternoon tea. The price for the afternoon tea on 5 January 2012 was AED425 and comes with a glass of champagne. I’m sure the price has increased ever since!


4 Layers of Goodness!


Inside Burj Al Arab. (5 January 2012)

The interior is massive and glittery. There is a giant aquarium at the lobby area, and the pillars and lifts are all plastered in gold.


Glittery Lifts in Burj Al Arab.

At the end of the afternoon tea, I don’t really feel the effects of a seven-star hotel treatment. Service was quite normal, the afternoon tea wasn’t of exceptional quality. The only ‘wow-factor’ was the architectural design of the Burj Al Arab.

Do you know that there’s a song about “Afternoon Tea”?





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